Darpan’s vision can be visualized as a blooming flower with four petals representing Body, Mind, Self and Soul.

Ever enhancing means of communication are flooding us with information inflow and out flow. Though, we are empowered to receive and send information from anyone and anywhere at lightning speed, yet sustainability in terms of meaningful work, health, peace and happiness is eluding most of the humanity today. It is so because our priorities in life have got misplaced. While engaging ourselves intensely in earning to live, we have forgotten how to live.

Darpan Ashram is a place where reasoning is encouraged, and belief is replaced by seeking. It is based on universal principle of offering pure food for body, mind, self and soul. Through various life style activities devised at ashram, all may imbibe this principle in their lives. Conditioned identities of religions, genders, race, ethnicities etc. are obviously left behind as soon as one realises one’s true self. All identities are mind borne, not Self sustaining. Self sustains only real identity.


Darpan is a place, prototype, model and module all rolled into one, that mirrors individual transformation from consumer being to divine being. And, this is possible by reordering our misplaced priorities in the right order. Sahaj Smriti Yog brings about this possibility in everyone’s life.

Proposed Facilities


Kutirs for Accommodation


Specially designed Meditation Hall


Skill Development Center




Vanaprasthashram: Home for Hermits


Community Hall


Community Kitchen


Amphi Theatre


Ayurvedic Rejuvenation


Nakshatra Vanam


Natural Farm and Fruit Forest



How can you join us?

We welcome everyone to become part of Darpan Ashram by taking a membership.

The life-membership deposit amount is Rs 1,00,000 (Rs One lakh).  It will entitle you to stay for one month, every year, according to your choice.  You can pay by cheque in Indian rupees or transfer the money to the account below.

Once you have registered, you become a permanent member of the ashram and can bring your family and friends.

For more details about this and membership information, please contact: or

Please pay by cheque or transfer to this account given below:

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Allahabad Bank Ltd,
HSR Layout, Bangalore

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Universal Forum for Human Dignity

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