Pure Food For Body

Kshetra Darpan

The importance of pure food is highlighted by one and all. Most of the health issues we witness across the world today, share a common root: chemical and pesticide laden food.

The greed for higher produce and worsening economic conditions have compelled many farmers into using chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds and methods which destroy the fertility of the soil, deteriorate the quality of produce and disrupt the natural cycle ultimately resulting in a huge loss for us.

Darpan’s natural farming module is an initiative and a movement to bring back purity in food by growing chemical free grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables naturally. A deft handedly prepared mixture of basic natural ingredients namely local soil, indigenous cow-dung and urine, neem leaves and jaggery provide sufficient fertility to soil.

Our ‘Each One Reach One’ and ‘Sponsor a Family or Field’ campaigns provide a platform for city families and urban societies to support our farm activities.

Each One Reach One

Each One, Reach One is an initiative by our parent organisation Universal Forum for Human Dignity (UNIFOHD), aiming to directly connect the consumers to the source of their food. This program aims at creating awareness amongst city dwellers about naturally grown food and equipping farmers to grow the same.

Through this initiative, each city-dwelling family gets connected to a farmer-family growing Natural Food, encouraging more farmers to use natural farming techniques. This also provides them much-needed financial security, thereby reducing their migration to the cities.

Apart from pure food for your family, what you get is your informal connection to rural India.

You along with  your family and friends can visit and connect with farmer’s family and village.

Sponsor a field

This is a journey to bring together like-minded people towards conserving and nurturing the environment by growing their own food using natural farming practices.

Natural farming is all about bringing back life to our soil.

Through this initiative, you get to

  • Grow your choice of vegetables
  • Be part of the whole farming cycle from sowing to harvesting
  • Provide employment to local farmers and empower them to shift to natural farming
  • Enjoy farm visits with family

This will give an opportunity to children to connect with nature, learn to conserve soil, water and  enrich themselves.

Sponsors are free to visit the fields and to participate in sowing, weeding, and harvesting activities. They will also receive complimentary packages of grains and or pulses that are grown on these fields.