Vidya Darpan Initiative – COVID19 Effort




Unique Students Supported Learning Hours Imparted

1,495 in 15 schools


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Updated on Oct 17, 2020

Given the COVID situation, government schools are yet to open and our rural children are missing out on a crucial aspect of their lives that can help them cross over from poverty to progress.

If they can’t go to schools for education, we are now going door-to-door to reach education to these rural children.  As part of our Vidya Darpan initiative, we are distributing study material in different subjects so that the learning of these children does not stop. Preparation, distribution, collection, and correction of worksheets will be an on-going activity until the schools reopen.

We are doing this with the help of local youth who are motivated to work for their village’s upliftment. This also provides them a way of gaining livelihood when there is large-scale unemployment.

We have currently reached out to students in primary school from villages Urigam, Biranapalli, Poonjolaigramam, Pandurangadoddi, Thagatty, Sarakapalli, and Bylkkadu in Tamil Nadu and higher primary schools in Doddakaneli, Devachikanahalli, Arekere, Hunsanhalli, Hulimavu, Venugopala Reddy Layout, Kodichikanahalli in Bengaluru, Karnataka. We are actively working on supporting ~1,500 students in 15 schools during COVID.

The donation of Rs 750 per child per quarter, includes providing study materials, distribution of stationery, honorarium to local volunteers, and awards & recognitions to students. We humbly request your support to take this initiative to more remote villages where there are tribal children eagerly waiting to continue learning.


“Donation is our ultimate statement about what we value most in life. If we value our values most, then education becomes our first priority. When you donate for the cause of education, the benefit remains with the recipient throughout their lifetimes.

Contribute and be a part of the Vidya Darpan program!” 

– Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari