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Emanating from the conscience many a times this thought touches the consciousness and tries to create a ‘spark’ in the field of the cognition that ‘what is the point in writing this column or all other columns for that matter and books and what not, such as engaging with civil society through public speaking, delivering talks etc.?’ Prima facie it appears despondent thought in tone and tenure? But more often than not appearances are deceptive. As, in reality it has got to do with making the best use of limited span of time (duration/Period) available in the form of one human life time for the welfare of others and in that course for the self-evolution.

The ‘spark’ mentioned in the beginning radiates the cognition which says, firstly all the people are at various levels of consciousness secondly, they are not driven by their consciousness but by the situations created by various actors and factors coming together and constituting our common perceptional reality.

Then, what is the use of trying to share the pinnacle of consciousness with them who are mired in compulsions driven by impressions and influences? As, it requires a certain level of consciousness to grasp yet higher levels of consciousness. That level is missing among most of us. Hardly few are found sincerely focused in knowing their real essential being or self. It is in course of journeying through various levels of consciousness that the aim of knowing self is attained.

The consciousness is the most important area of study that we the earthlings should pay attention to; in case we choose to live with awakening. Awakening is a state of being wherein one realizes that one is essentially the eternal consciousness. And, other than one’s being eternal consciousness all else around oneself is constantly changing. Doing science or scientific study means trying to study this change in terms of patterns. But can science study consciousness? If I say, no I will be judged as fool. If I say, yes well then, I become one. So, I keep quiet as, judging is not in my domain. This gives rise to another question that from whom and how, when and where the consciousness may be studied?