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Pure food for Mind

Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive programs where personal development skills have been carefully crafted to provide pure food for your mind. Our aim is to provide you with holistic mindfulness, where the union of self-development methods and the enlightening practice of Sahaj Smriti Yog (SSY) meditation ignite profound changes within you.

Introducing the Ignite-Self Program, a captivating 3-day experience that lets you connect with your inner-self and helps you channelise the fire within you.

To know yourself is to know your




Experience your soul

Other Self-Development Programs

Spiritual Discourse and Conversation Series

Discover the different discourses by Guruji – a true treasure trove for seeking minds. These discourses, including both topical and spiritual topics, help you find answers and trigger a burning desire to attain the highest, when it comes to personal development.

  • Watch Your Thoughts; They Become Words,
  • Watch Your Words; They Become Actions,
  • Watch Your Actions; They Become Habits,
  • Watch Your Habits; They Become Character,
  • Watch Your Character; It Becomes Your Destiny


Dialogues have the incredible power to unite the world and make Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam a way of life. Periodic conversations on both topical and spiritual subjects are held which help seekers to discover answers and ignite a profound yearning to reach their highest potential. By participating in these conversations, seekers are inspired to delve deeper into their quest for self-development and mindfulness.


There are individuals who are inclined to stay absorbed in higher consciousness and who enjoy gaining full clarity by connecting the dots. Through Satsang, we help individuals realise their ingrained supreme potential by encouraging them to lead an ideal daily routine and enabling them to become both the medium and message.

Step into a transformative journey of self-development and personal growth. Your path to greatness awaits!

Nakshatra Darpan

Explore the boundless sky and witness the limitless nature of your own being! Nakshatra Darpan is a program where individuals get to immerse themselves in the vastness of the universe and experience its infinite wonders. This truly awe-inspiring program transforms people from within, awakening a new sense of purpose and mindfulness.

Be a part of the program and prepare to return as a changed individual, forever touched by the magnificence of the cosmos.

Children and Teens

Life Touching Life

Awaken the curiosity within young minds (under 12 years) and inspire them to unlock the vast knowledge that nature holds. By encouraging them to observe nature, we empower them to ask questions, learn about mindfulness and ignite their innate thirst for knowledge.

Teenage, a World of Opportunities is an engaging and interactive program that helps teens to:

  • Understand their passion and aid in Self-development
  • Be responsible in a way that empowers themselves.


We conduct a number of workshops to:

  • Explore, enjoy and learn new arts and crafts
  • Practice and promote the use of natural products

Become a Sahag Smriti Yog practitioner

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