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Sahaj Smriti Kriya

Sahaj Smriti Kriya is a revealed divine providence. Guruji devised it to help initiates transcend. Tuned in through yogic techniques it revitalizes subtle currents of prana (life energy) in the spine and brain.

Practicing kriya accelerates one’s spiritual evolution and awareness.

It enables the normal activities of the body and nervous system to slow down to natural rhythm, resulting in deep inner stillness of body, and freeing the mind from the usual turbulence of thoughts, suppressed emotions and disturbed sensory perceptions.

In the clarity of that inner energized stillness, one comes to experience transcendental peace and meditative state.

Sahaj Smriti Kriya essentially, helps to gain control and lock your energy – or life force – the way you want.

Most of the times practitioners find it difficult to sit in meditation as their mind and body will not be aligned.

The kriya helps to attain control of your energy system, to direct the energy to the parts of your body you desire it to go to and makes meditation easy.

Sahaj Smriti Kriya Meditation
Sahaj Smriti Kriya -darpan Foundation

The Practice of
Sahaj Smriti Kriya

Increases overall sense of well-being

Creates lightness and fluidity

Integrate your body and mind

Improves concentration

Increases immunity

Improves metabolism

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