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Pure Food for Self

All of us strive to fulfill our needs and create a balance between work and family, however, everyone is not able to sustain it all through their lives. As one approaches retirement age, life’s contradictions become more apparent and the quest for deeper meaning intensifies. But, the capacity to take initiatives, mobilise people and keep oneself involved in Parmaarthik’s pursuit weakens.

But there are a number of wonderful things that retirement offers:

The sunset years of life offer a precious chance to gain a unique perspective, which can only be shaped by a lifetime of experiences.

It’s a time to contemplate achievements, learn from past mistakes and share wisdom with the younger generation.

Retirement also opens up avenues to pursue long-awaited hobbies and interests that were postponed during the working years.


The residential area at Darpan Ashram caters to diverse preferences, featuring independent houses and shared units, all equipped with modern amenities. Each dwelling is thoughtfully designed to embrace eco-friendliness, utilising resource-efficient materials and processes that uphold environmental responsibility throughout the building’s lifecycle.

At this old-age residential home, you’ll find the perfect setting for an independent and secure retirement life.

Experience the joy of community living, where care, convenience and comfort merge seamlessly. It’s a place that opens doors for senior citizens to new perspectives and purposes beyond the realm of the physical and material world.

Darpan’s Vanaprasthashram (Home for Hermits)

Darpan’s Vanaprasthashram (Home for Hermits) is a nurturing haven that fosters personal growth during this significant stage of life. It offers a pathway to inner well-being, allowing senior citizens to embrace their old age and celebrate this important phase of their journey.

This Home for Hermits offers:

Comfortable private and semi-private rooms

Community kitchen and kitchenettes for cooking

Housekeeping and laundry service

Medication management

Social programs and activities

Transportation to the nearest hospital

This space for senior citizens at Darpan Ashram enables:

Independent living in a lively environment full of diverse activities around the clock

Staying meaningful by serving society at one’s own pace and interest

Disseminating knowledge, experience and skills

Experiencing the wholeness of life

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