There is a divine; even if there is no divine. There is a way leading to divine; even if there is no ‘way’ leading to divine (divinity). We as individuals are always one with divine. Whenever we feel that we are not one with divine, in that moment we need to make efforts to attain our eternal position; which is to feel that we (as individuals) are one with divine. It should be our first priority. Is it a make believe world then?

Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari is an extraordinarily simple person and this veil of ordinariness hides his yogic and mystic persona. But for true seekers, the ones coming only for Satsang, it doesn’t take much time to discover the miraculous reality beyond this veil. Those who come searching for spirituality in logics, magics and miracles, they go confused with his simplicity.

Through Sahaj Smriti Yog and as a family person (Gruhasth), Guruji is re-moving the veil of time that hides the continuity of eternal Guru Parampara in its simplest incarnation. Infusing elemental divine vitality in Guru-shishya relationship and primacy of character, he has devised the simplest style to make it amenable to family persons across the globe. All other divisive identities of religions, genders, nations and ethnicities dissolve in the purity of this absolute relation.

Spirituality opened itself up as the solution to Guruji’s existential enquiry or curiosity. In this birth, the first mysterious visions of the divine took place when Guruji was about two and a half years old and many years later, Guruji met his Guru and at that very moment, completeness happened. Pure, timeless, eternal and spontaneous memory became completely clear to him.

Guruji received the Acharya Chanakya Award – 2018 for his invaluable contributions in the sphere of spirituality.  NIMHANS (Bengaluru) appointed Guruji as a philosopher and guide for the inclusion of spiritual perspective in the treatment of patients suffering mostly from addictions and mental diseases.

Guruji has established Universal Forum for Human Dignity (UNIFOHD) in the year 2002 and DARPAN Sahaj Smriti Yoga Ashram at Urigam, a small hamlet nestled in the lap of the picturesque forest valley overlooking Noorundumalai hills. A place styled to make amenable and replicable to all willing human beings residing on earth. This place may prove to be an opportunity for an avenue to open up in one’s existence and identity, which will lead to knowing how one’s body, mind, self and soul attains to its ultimate potential. Those who travel with an open heart, the possibility to experience too travels towards them.