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Swa(self) is the most intriguing and mysterious puzzle that every individual longs to solve.

None can solve it for the other. At best one becomes its mirror where all may see themselves mirroring in it.

Self-correction becomes possible by looking into the mirror, it is in this manner that our individual egos transform without hurting themselves.

It’s experiencing transcendence (amritaanubhav). Like the Existence, Swa(self) is also immortal and infinite.

Swadhyaya (self-seeing) Program - Darpan Foundation

Satsang, Sewa and Swadhyaya are different forms of inclinations flowing out from the same eternal cosmic consciousness. Therefore, their essential union is evident. Our engaging with one inevitably strengthens the other two.

Natural surroundings of ashram, quietude of seekers filled with spiritual vibrations of penance help in attaining the clarity faster.

Swadhyaya (self-Seeing) is the transformational process of one’s becoming capable of seeing oneself functioning in one’s infiniteness in the eternal mirror of cosmic conscious.

Self-Enquiry is the simplest first step into swadhyaya. Self-enquiry begins with asking questions about self to self-realised master and contemplating on the responses perceived.

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