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Guruji’s Vision is to transform every individual spiritually.

Transformed individuals alone become solutions to the problems that our planet faces. Real sustainable transformation is possible only through activities-oriented path of spiritual realisation. Clarity attained on the path of spiritual realisation make one feel supremely confident and strong willed in designing destiny.

Making best choices and decisions helps weave destiny.

Guruji formulated Darpan’s vision representing Body, Mind, Self and Soul. A vision to amplify the power of people to choose an alternate way of life.

Programs and initiatives are conceptualized to execute this vision.


While engaging ourselves intensely in earning to live, we have forgotten how to live. Our priorities in life have got misplaced. Sustainability in terms of meaningful work, health, peace and happiness is evading most of the humanity today.

It is an attempt to create sustainable, accommodative, composite and compassionate environment that can be a model for the present & future generations on earth.


Food for Transformation

Food is a great source of our energy therefore, everyone relate it easily.  We consume food at the level of Body, Mind, Self and Soul. Our food choices at each level have a direct impact in shaping our life at each level.  Pure food rightly given as nourishment at all these levels brings about wholesomeness.

As we become more conscious about our food choices, we not only nourish ourselves but also contribute to a sustainable ecosystem. By choosing locally grown produces we can positively impact the environment and create a healthier planet for future generations.

The path to transformation starts with what you consume. It’s time to take action for a healthier planet!

It is a four step Journey from

  • Body

  • $ 100 / month
  • Learning about body in Yogic & Ayurvedic way

    Living in tune with nature

    Growing food in natural way

    Sustainable Living

  • Mind

  • $ 100 / month
  • Sustainable learning modules for children

    Solution Center for adults and teens

    Discourses for seekers

    Training programs

  • Self

  • $ 100 / month
  • Equipping for livelihood

    Equipping for living

    Good Habits Vs Habits

    Choices Vs Alternatives

    Will Vs Circumstances

  • Soul

  • $ 100 / month
  • Consciousness Vs Awakening

    Meditation (Journey from Mind to Heart)

    Creation ( Universal Mind)

    Transmission: Behold- ing & Becoming

I would like to know more about Darpan’s Vision !