Sahaj Smriti Yog

“Imagination can be realised, but realisation cannot be imagined!”

Goal of life is realizing the goal of life. Our module pure food for soul is about realizing your ultimate potential.  Sahaj Smriti Yog meditation is a means to explore unexplored dimensions of one’s existence. 

Awakening to our real nature does not mean we are to acquire something new, but rather that we must discover within ourselves that which is timelessly pure and in harmony with the ultimate. The meaning of the word Sahaj is being normal, being spontaneous. Therefore, where is the need to renounce one’s family, worldly duties, ambitions, religion or any other human expression? It is this very universality, simplicity and naturalness which bring people from all over the world to Guruji.

Atma Darpan

Meditation is realizing union of the human with the divine, union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. There are three levels in individual consciousness namely – mind, self and soul. Similar levels are there in universal consciousness too. We may indicate them as Mind, Self and Soul.
Mind is that plane of consciousness where all creation takes place. Meditation and transmission help in cleaning the web of creation and bringing the mind in balanced state of inner tranquility. 
Self is that plane of consciousness where all action originates; other name for it is character. Meditation and transmission helps in building self-confidence and self-surrender. 
Soul is that, who we really are, words cannot describe it. Meditation and transmission helps in evolution and expansion of soul.
Meditation is a state that every human being experiences beyond their segregative identities of genders, ethnicities, religions, nations, cultures and civilizations. Only the extent, depth and duration of that differs. While some of us not even recognize it, for some others it becomes a medium to recognize the purpose of their lives.

Meditation involves following three steps


Cleaning and Sharing

Divine Transmission

Sahaj Smriti Yog meditation is a means to explore unexplored dimensions of one’s existence.

  • Absolutely effortless
  • Anyone can do it
  • Taught one-on-one
  • Personalised instruction
  • Experience based

Atma Darpan provides an opportunity to realize one’s true self and  become master of one’s destiny.

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