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Uncovering your true self can be a transformative journey, and there are activities that can aid in this process. When combined with SSY meditation, engaging in such activities can have a profound impact on one’s life. Guruji has dedicated his life to serving those who desire to discover their authentic selves through various methods of self-discovery.

Once initiated, Guruji’s wisdom and loving guidance point us to who we are beyond the limitations of our personal conditioning and identity.

Through interactions with him, seekers of truth from all varied backgrounds and traditions can locate themselves and choose to start from any of the well defined 3 step approach. This helps in understanding mind, recognizing & experiencing self and feeling the soul, enabling you to comprehend your real identity, realizing the real nature and gaining balance.

You may choose to start with any of these!!!


(Self Enquiry)

Swa means ‘Self ’ and Adhyaya means ‘Study’. Self study means inquiring into your own nature, the nature of your understanding. It is life changing experience. It is the journey of self-discovery leading to our transcending into higher realms & Becoming.


Ignite Self Workshop

Weekly Meditation Sessions

Satsang with Guruji

Spiritual Retreat at DarpanAshram


(Being with Truth)

Four step Journey from



Get initiated

Sahaj Smriti Yog

Sahaj Smriti Kriya

Group Meditation

Community Living



Volunteering powerfully impacts the path of self-exploration. All the acts of seva visibly impact others and invisibly impact the self. Seva moves individuals beyond self-interest to contribute to a larger collective good. Volunteering opportunities in

Promotion of Sustainable Living

Children’s Education

Skill Development

Ashram Activities

Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari

Proximity to a living Guru enables your journey to uncover your full potential starting from



Attainment of inner peace and happiness.

Sahaj Smriti Yog

Sahaj Smriti Yog meditation is a means to explore unexplored dimensions of one’s existence.

Awakening to our real nature does not mean we have to acquire something new, rather we must discover within ourselves that which is timelessly pure and in harmony with the ultimate.

The meaning of the word Sahaj is being normal, being spontaneous. Many understands spirituality as an escape from life towards Divine Reality, leaving the world where it was. On the contrary, it is divinization of life, transformation into divine reality with full involvement in life.

Therefore, where is the need to renounce one’s family, worldly duties, ambitions, religion or any other human expression? It is this very universality, simplicity and naturalness which bring people from all over the world to Guruji.

Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari - Darpan Foundation
Sahaj Smriti Kriya -darpan Foundation

Sahaj Smriti Kriya

Sahaj Smriti Kriya essentially, helps to gain control and lock your energy or life force–the way you want.

Most of the times practitioners find it difficult to sit in meditation as their mind and body will not be aligned.

The kriya helps to attain control of your energy system, to direct the energy to the parts of your body you desire it to go to and makes meditation easy.

Ignite Self


Every individual has immense potential which generally remains untapped. This program is designed to take one through an experiential journey of enhancing your personal effectiveness and potential.

To know yourself is to know your






It is the journey for self inquiry and self discovery!!!

By kindling your inner fire you discover the potential for societal transformation

Self Transformation Programs -darpan Foundation
Darpan Ashram

Welcome to Darpan Ashram

Ashram life provides a wonderful opportunity to break your personal limitations & barriers and live without any expectations.

Darpan is a place entirely dedicated to individual transformation. Darpan ashram doesn’t fit into any classification. Outwardly, it may appear like just another beautiful, peaceful place. However, the real magnificence of Darpan is the opportunity to experience and receive a living Guru’s grace, presence and guidance in the inner work of awakening to our original nature..

Ashram offers a diverse set of programmes in different spheres, such as, meditation practices, yoga, sustainable living, natural farming, skill development and so on.

You are welcome to be an integral part!


Guruji’s Vision is to transform everyone individually. Transformed individuals alone become solutions to the problems that our planet faces. Real sustainable transformation is possible only through activities-oriented path of spiritual realisation, which make them feel supremely confident and strong willed in designing their own destiny by making best choices and decisions.

Guruji formulated Darpan’s vision representing Body, Mind, Self and Soul. A vision to amplify the power of people to choose an alternate way of life. Programs and initiatives are conceptualized to execute this vision.

It is a four step Journey from..


Food is a great source of energy and is a term everyone understands. We consume food at the level of Body, Mind, Self and Soul. Pure food given as nourishment at all these levels bring wholeness in individuals

Guruji’s Vision - Darpan Foundation

Pure Food for Self

Through this program individuals get empowered to exercise correct choices and refine their taste leading to real transformation from self to Self


Pure Food for Soul

All about realizing your ultimate potential. Sahaj Smriti Yog meditation is a means to explore unexplored dimensions of one’s existence.

Our Social Outreach Programs

This is a journey to bring together like-minded people towards conserving and nurturing the environment by growing food using natural farming practices. Natural farming is all about bringing back life to our soil.

Impart skills, training and provide employment opportunities to the young workforce, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds. Create opportunities, encourage indigenous craftsmanship and empower local youth by making them financially self-sufficient.

Provide all-round education to children that will focus on character formation and human values. Vidya Darpan is an endeavour, an attempt to ensure, that children learn to earn while living in tune with nature.

Awaken the innate Divinity that is present within each one of us through the practice of “Sahaj Smriti Yog” – the spiritual path devised by Guruji. It is the simple and spontaneous path of Self Remembrance and Realization which has been practiced by Saints over eons. It helps in erasing all impressions and attracting only essence and purity.

Designed to provide Pure Food for Mind. When methods designed to support individual self-understanding are combined with SSY meditation, then changes start happening very intensely. Mann Darpan revolves around sustainable learning modules and includes workshops for all age groups from young children to teenagers to adults.

Retirement age brings to fore many contradictions of life. With the passing of years quest for realisation deepens but, the capacity to take initiatives, to mobilize people and keep ourselves involve in Parmaarthik pursuit weakens. Jeevan darpan nurtures growth at this stage of life.

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