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Children And Teen Program - Darpan Foundation

Life Touching Life

Children are the custodians of the future. It is important to familiarize them with good ideas and keep them closer to the environment.

The program’s content is created in such a way that it encourages children to look at life from a different perspective.

This workshop will be interactive and hands-on with games and activities. It will broadly cover the following topics

  • Our interdependence with nature
  • Natural Farming & its benefits
  • Soil & water conservation
  • Role of humans in ecosystem

This program will generate curiosity in children and open up their minds to the vast knowledge one can tap into by observing nature.

Teenage – A World of Opportunities: Our Engaging Program for Teens

As a teenager, it can be challenging to navigate the many choices and responsibilities that come with growing up. That’s why we’ve created a program designed specifically for teens, offering an engaging and interactive experience that helps them discover their passions and learn to be responsible in ways that empower themselves.


Our program comprises an exciting range of modules that cover the following areas:

1Discover Yourself

At the heart of our program is the belief that every teenager has a unique set of talents, interests, and passions waiting to be discovered. Through a series of interactive exercises and activities, we help teens identify their strengths and weaknesses, explore their interests, and understand how their personality type can impact their choices and relationships.

2Understanding Responsibility

Responsibility is an essential part of growing up, but it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to handle the challenges that come with it. Our program helps teens understand the importance of responsibility and how to approach it in a way that empowers them rather than weighing them down. From managing their time and resources to making ethical choices, we provide practical tools and guidance to help teens navigate the complexities of growing up.

3Embracing Opportunities

With a solid foundation in self-discovery and responsibility, our program empowers teens to embrace the world of opportunities that awaits them. Whether it’s exploring new interests, pursuing a passion project, or preparing for the future, we help teens develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in whatever path they choose.

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