Curiosity, Desire and Salvation

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There are certain simple questions which If asked honestly and happily by ourselves to ourselves, then answers too would emanate before our mind’s eye with much more happiness from within. And, when those answers are accepted by ourselves and we begin to act upon them with same attitude of happiness then, our direction of life may change in such beautiful way that truth may become our eternal companion. And, once truth becomes your eternal companion then you have attained the spiritual state of being there where you find yourself eternal or Truth. This process is known as Self Enquiry.

By now you may have become curious enough to know that what are those questions which are full with so much transformative power that it may transform your life. And, I too am not interested in beating about the bush. So here are few samples from bunch of those questions that you may ask yourselves and verify the truth of their being axiomatic as enunciated at the outset. Ask yourself ‘am I more curious to know or more desirous to live ?’ Does it sound tough or incomprehensible question? Or you are not ready to take a stand on it? Not taking stand on it means you are not ready to choose and declare to yourself your priority. And, when you are indecisive then you begin to offer yourself variety of leases called logics, like why is it necessary to declare my priority? Or none of the two are my priority. But you know that all these are alibis, real thing is that you have not accepted the question. And, you have not accepted the question because you know it well that if you accept the question then you will have to accept the answer too, and once you accept the answer then you will have to act upon it and when you act upon it then you will be transformed. You are scared to get transformed because transformation brings about attitude of responsibility and responsibility doesn’t allow you to stay lax. You need to be on your toes.

A responsible person can’t afford to be idle and doubtful, she has to be firm and clear. And, amazing thing is that whole life you keep trying to become that only- a firm and clear person but only in bits and pieces! Not in a way that will transform you in fundamental way and bring closest to the truth. Truth is hidden between Jigyasa (curiosity) and jijivisha (desire). Choose and it will put you on the path of liberation here and now, postpone and stay cocooned for life. Choice is yours. Ask yourself ‘am I living primarily to know more and more or am I knowing primarily to enhance my chances of living more and more. Is my life for knowledge or my knowledge is for my life?