Spirituality is a Clarion Call Away from Civility

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Spirituality is a Clarion Call Away from Civility - Blog Archive of Darpan Foundation

Assumption of spirituality is this innate experiential idea that whole existence is essentially one. That’s how on the one hand spirituality brings about unity and on the other it nourishes diversity. And, it is through diverse appearances alone that are Visible in Nature that this innate experiential oneness in creation flourishes. That is how Indian spirituality looks at existence as divine play (Leela) wherein ‘other’ is seen as an extension of oneself. Otherwise, there is no other way to explain this essential innate experiential oneness.

So from the very beginning here whether someone followed vedas or was a Nastika (not considering vedas as authority) that was not the point of quarrel in this land we call Bharat. The point to ponder here was and, it still is that – how you behave with others. And, after long civilizational journey, humanity by and large is still grappling with the same question which we Indians have been asking ourselves from time immemorial and providing incessant solution to same. Ideally, by now this issue of civic behaviour should have been solved, because whole humanity ‘claims’ to having agreed upon upholding human values. But it hasn’t. Why is it so? Is it because the world has not valued our eternal master disciple tradition or we have not valued and glorified it duly, so that other could value it? We must ponder over it. Because we see powerful countries are intervening in internal affairs of less powerful countries. Human groups are still found indulging in terrorist activities that too in the name of religion. Individuals and corporate houses too are seen failing the test of upholding values. It wouldn’t have been the case had the world seen the reality as it really is.

Spiritual leaders of world should pick up some strands of unity and propagate them unitedly in one voice. This will bring sense. For example one such strand is propagating pure food. All of us inhabiting earth unexceptionally need pure and nourishing food. Cultivate taste for pure and nourishing food, buy pure and grow pure. Can this be the clarion call!