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Makar Sankranti - Blog Author: Darpan Foundation

Sankranti message from Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari


Utsav ( festival) symbolises utsaah ( enthusiasm ). Usual process of Change is constantly present in life and most of us become accustomed to this change to such an extent that we don’t even notice the newness that Nature unfolds every moment in our lives through this incessant process of change.

So to stir ourselves from our slumber and wake ourselves up to Life, its beauty, value, goal and Reality, our ancestors have marked many such days across the year as festivals, when these events of change in Nature are little more prominent in nature than usual. Makar Sankranti is one such festive day when sun enters in Makar Rashi. New stories are added to these festivals from time to time so that people could relate to them in ever-changing lifestyles but in this addition, reality must not be forgotten and lost unto us. Every festival is a reminder to live life enthusiastically, see it in its full bloom, as it really is and by doing so with sadhana move on to transcend Nature itself. Because it’s by living in the spirit of transcending it alone that we can live with Nature, in Nature and as Nature else worshipful and grateful attitude wouldn’t be attained and we will end up transgressing it despite listening to cacophonously shouting sermons coming from all rooftops be it Sustainable Living goals call from United Nations, activists, nations, intellectuals or warnings from scientists from across nations and universities.

May you gird up to explore and Celebrate Divine consciousness Within. That’s real Sankranti message, decode it.