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Question: If for anybody to whom past and future didn’t/doesn’t exist, how did/does present exist, and, how & why did/do those to whom past and future didn’t/doesn’t exist continue existing ?

Guruji: Many times I have elaborated on it . Will try once more for his sake through simple example.

See, we need to understand the nature of human mind, it’s capable of attending only one at a time. Choice is ours, whether we choose to stay in memories of past or imaginations of future. And if we see reasonably, attentively, carefully then we find that both the aforesaid things we do always in present only.
( đŸ‘†this point needs to visualised/understood carefully then all confusion about past and future will banish, not otherwise )

See, Whatever we call ‘Past’ (in our mind now ) that must have been Present when it really had happened. what we are naming/ imagining as ‘Future’ now that will (is) never be possible without its becoming the present at some point in time.

So if we see reasonably then we do (will )conclude that without their being present at some point in time neither past was (is) possible nor future will be (is) possible. While the Present neither needs past nor future for its existence. That’s how the present is seen as real while past and future both are forced to base their existence on the present. Present has no such compulsion. It stay as it is.

Can we bring about yesterday or tomorrow, today ? No na ! only in memory and imagination it is possible.

That’s how it is established that if there is any thing real then it is only the present that can be termed as real.
And we call something real only if that thing exists for ever.
That’s how the present, the real and the existence are seen as one and the same. And we say that in Reality Present alone Exists. Those of us who confine their identities to bodies and minds and do not explore themSelves beyond their bodies and minds stay confused.
I hope it helps.