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History teaches us that ironies and peace don’t go together. Yet, we live through many of them as, all haven’t been ironed out yet. Therefore, when empowered by clear thinking, prolonged observation, contemplation and meditation then we should do our best to erase those ironies from face of world so that our walking towards peace, prosperity and knowledge becomes sustainable. That’s the attitude with which our seers and saints of yore lived. And that is how now we all human beings should live. In new universally educated and enlightened world, seers and saints should not stay as exceptional beings, every home should have at least one. What is the point in such an education which aims to create an ideal world and that world is never descending down to earth? Isn’t it an irony?
Imposing division between science and spirituality is another irony plaguing education. Had it been imposed between religions and spirituality then still some benefit of doubt could be given because, religions are mostly cultural ways of living of civilized people, which become atrocious if social, financial and spiritual prosperity and its judicious distribution is not maintained across society evenly and acceptably, but engineering division between science and spirituality is absurd. The way new generation across globe views spirituality; this division is absurd. Only relation is possible. And, exploration of this relation makes us sane and balanced human beings. When seer &saint is rolled-in-one then he or she is termed as scientist. That’s how our ancestors lived in Gurukulas. But, now with change in circumstances outside modes of purusharth (human pursuit) have changed and, seers and saints too keep changing their outer attire and profession so as to keep their inner sanctum sanctorum eternally intact so that they could contribute in a manner which could be suitable to universal welfare in any times they happen to live amongst us. We should have inner vision to recognise such ones, irrespective of nationalities, religions, genders and geographies. One such person comes to mind is father of wireless communication, polymath Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. His work is spread across many disciplines like biophysics, chemistry, archaeology, botany and fiction writing etc. He invented Crescograph and studied plants. He proved that plants have consciousness to be qualified as life as they experience fear and affection, pleasure and pain. His next step on path of discovery was proving that metals too have life. Through his work, Bose has shown to a large extent that boundary between spirituality and scientific orientation is artificial and fictional. Spirituality says it is one consciousness that is spread all across cosmos, only its mode and quantum differ; science tries to discover the strings of these woven relations.