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Spirituality is one’s journey into most friendly unknown zone that passes through bitter-sweet yet known zone of life. But there are times when known too begins to give a surreal sense of its being unknown. And, then it becomes challenging to separate interesting from ironic. Many feel that we are currently living in such times.

Today, we raise our voice against the atrocities suffered by anyone anywhere across the globe to help them, but we also find ourselves helpless even in the closest space we live.

We uninhibitedly ask support from total strangers, for helping total strangers, and accept it coming from yet another set of total strangers. And it’s yet more interesting to see that irrespective of geographical remoteness or proximity, the people of today’s generation are reaching out to make queer connections for upholding higher values of life. At times supporters for such causes even overlook existing historical divides. That gives hope for evolution of universal civic values. The current generation rates itself more liberal compared to preceding generations, but less capable than them in handling conflicting situations with utmost patience.

It’s interesting that present generation’s outlook is more open and global even as the globe is shrinking more and more not in a single sense but in many more ways. ‘Interesting’ and ‘ironic’ have become one another’s body doubles. Can we deny that we are witness to horrific incidents taking place all around us in the name of religion, ethnicity, nationhood or any such other ascribed identities suiting opinion-making for political polarization across democracies and dynasties? Ironically dynasties also become ‘liberal and democratic’ in using the aforesaid divisive identities to polarize opinions favouring dynastic rule. It’s true that opinion making requires data collection as these days data matters a lot in telling factual stories and building favourable opinion but, it’s yet more higher truth that narrativised data matters most. Instead of substance it’s the interpretation of the substance that has the key to mould business interests, political decisions, and even human thought processes and emotions.

Whether you find These Times interesting or ironic, that’s your freedom, but your indecision, complacency or lack of courage of not voicing your concern results in your becoming who you shudder to become or choose not to become. Therefore choosing is decisive step in directing destiny. Human heart is a choiceless cauldron where spirituality simmers eternally. Stir it.