The Role and Goal of Spirituality

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The Role and Goal of Spirituality - Blog Author: Guruji

Language plays very important role in making of human civilisations and cultures. Human perceptions are shaped by universally accepted definitions. Societies, nations, ethnicities see their own images through mirrors of these definitions. Definitions are expressed and imbibed through language. Therefore, if definitions are directed in the right direction of changing needs of contemporary world then people’s perception towards themselves would also change accordingly. And that’s how a well-directed change by a ‘critical mass’ may be directed towards self-transformation of all. This is possible today more easily than it ever would have been possible in the recorded history of human kind. It is so because today, technology empowered means of communication are capable of removing all those hurdles that come between the people of different languages and cultural backgrounds and create misunderstandings. Hence, today, with the help of technology possibility for creating universal definitions and getting those accepted across the world is more real than it was ever before. And, it is at this juncture that role of spirituality and spiritual people become important. Because, all the values that make human (so called social animals) superior and civilised compared to carnivorous animals emanate from spirituality. So if critical mass of spiritual people transcending their religious identities come together on a single platform and agrees on certain definitions and values and volunteers to become flashing points for their respective constituencies of followers then, an unprecedented era of harmony and enlightenment may be created. Because their credibility as spiritual beings would make it credible for those people to trust them, from whichever religious backgrounds they might be coming and, accept those definitions. The definitions would definitely be such that will ensure welfare of all. For example if Efficiency and productivity is redefined in such a way that the life style which has landed earth in such an unsustainable spot that children of Greta Thunberg’s age are worrying for their future today, could be reversed and put on the path of self-sustainability then it would appeal to all. Isn’t the role and goal of spirituality the welfare, freedom and liberation of all?

Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari