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Art is the best mirror ever - Blog Author: Darpan Foundation

“Art is the best mirror ever through which humanity sees its unseen image.”
– Guruji Nandkishore Tiwari

At Darpan Foundation, we feel that Art brings people together, translating experiences across space and time. When Ranjani, Vedha, Nithya, Priya and Yamuna volunteered to come to Urigam and adorn our Kuteer walls with their distinctive artwork, we were delighted.

Each of them are experts in various art forms. Ranjani and Yamuna are experts in acrylic and oil painting, Vedha and Nithya excel in Mandalas and Priya in Madhubani, Warli and Gond.

The focus, dedication, commitment and teamwork of the artists was commendable. The artists stood for hours in the scorching sun and warm weather, creating various art forms on the Kuteer walls. They stayed up till midnight and extended their stay to the next day to complete the artwork, tirelessly working on something they passionately believed in.

The artists chose Gond, Madhubani, Mandalas and Warli to paint the 6 front walls of the Kuteer. The artists created a space that took everyone beyond the “us-and-them” to a broader realm of what constitutes WE. This is what Art does, it engages us and urges us to step out of our own little worlds.

As the artwork progressed and neared completion, the curious villagers came to see and were filled with revealing awe. They also had requests of adding a parrot to the Gond Tree art (which Ranjani did add) and adding a painting of a horse and so on…

We thank all the artists for treading our path and becoming part of our journey to form true connections with people near and far.

A big Thank You to all the artists.

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