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Instead of being soul/self-conscious (i.e. Individual Soul), we need to be Soul/Self-conscious (i.e. Supreme Soul).

Humanity cannot progress in unison, without discovering and, then accepting certain fundamental truths that can be universally acceptable to one and all. For example, we as world citizens have more or less accepted democracy as a way to govern ourselves. We have accepted that our physical appearance has a somewhat measureable limit to survive, i.e. death has been (is) inevitable in our experience.

Same way, if we could accept this also, that despite there being nothing new in spiritual reality as it is eternal, its transfer or sharing happens through living master and disciple relationship/mode and that makes it ever new. It is the manifestation that is ever new and changeable.

By accepting this, our ego is sublimated. And once our ego is sublimated, wisdom begins to dawn upon us and then we begin to follow, what is good for all. And thus our own egoistic agenda is spontaneously pushed back at its rightful place of nonexistence.

Living Masters keep us away from dogmas that inevitably puzzle followers, when we as followers follow the ones who are not there in human form here and now. This saves our time, keeps us away from confusion, brings (so called- ‘in real time’) clarity.

‘Our universal mind’ having originated from happiness, bliss, peace, love, always has been found to have a final say. But do ‘our selfish minds’ ever cooperate with ‘our universal mind’, despite knowing it??

Irony is that, on the one hand, most of the masters who realize prefer silence and hence go mum, to immerse themselves in their daily routine (saadhnaa) in seclusion or otherwise. And on the other hand so long as our ego is not dissolved we (seekers) keep searching that (divinity/eternity/Self) in books, ignoring benevolent masters who driven by compassion and love keep looking for us. We need to pray, let there be many more living masters in our midst world over, who could share with true seekers a glimpse beyond death (not, near death), that experience has better potential for changing us (as an individual) forever. Else, we individual seekers keep running from one impression to another or from influence to another, hardly ever getting to know attraction of Source.

Preaching and motivational communications (dialogues) are useful but that impact is short lived. It is only personal experience of reality that may make the changeless difference in our lives.  No doubt, books are also store houses of knowledge but spiritual knowledge enshrined in books is dead knowledge (shav). Master (shiv/eternal) is needed to impart that spark of reality that makes knowledge come alive. We ourselves, in a limited sense are like books, unaware (or smugly aware) of our own potential and worth; when a master reads (looks at) us we may become alive (present) to that/potential/source/Universal-Self and absent to ourselves.

Our interpersonal behaviour in outer world is guided by our inner world (consciousness). Whosoever gets (even a) glimpse, in eternal existence, can that one ever focus on anything else than discovering and going nearer and nearer to that!! And when one begins to delve in it, his/her interpersonal behaviour automatically begins to mould in meekness. That helps in creating better and sensitive society. Sensitivity is a stream in which master and disciple swim. As much sensitive we keep becoming that much nearer we keep going/becoming to source.

 When new technologies and new products are introduced in our social lives, they inflict (imposes/require) some changes in our behaviour patterns. Except for ‘betterment’ of human life in every benevolent sense of the word ‘betterment’, what else can be the aim of introducing new things before us? But, ironically, ‘our selfish minds’ think that they can subjugate others with the force of technology. This duality in us has always been at the root of human misery reflected in apparent reality (ashiv).

‘Our universal mind’ having originated from happiness, bliss, peace, love, always has been found to have a final say. But do ‘our selfish minds’ ever cooperate with ‘our universal mind’, despite knowing it??  History is replete with such incidents wherein even political masters come to realize it, when it is too late to implement/manifest/execute it. (This website is committed to not naming the names, so each one of you have to understand that in accordance with your own knowledge of history).  If that cooperation happens among a few minds even, then these minds become instruments/means/tools/witness (nimitt maatr) for spreading consciousness about reality/eternity. Personification of etiquettes can give us inkling about whereabouts of spark.

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