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“For you, I am ‘this’ or ‘that’ first? Enquired certain Guru to a seeker. Seeker replied promptly, “of course you first are ‘that’ for me the ultimate… what is there in ‘this’,  this is just an appearance of ‘that’ , you yourself keep saying, ‘this’ is just an appearance, so I have no doubt that you are not ‘this’ but ‘that’ to me first.”

Guru smiled and told. Look, that is the difference between realisation and Truth. Without “this” could you have been in this state of confidence which made you say what you have just said in front of ‘this’? “Of course not! “Seeker said.  Guru replied, “then who is first for you, I as ‘this ‘or I as ‘that’? “ There was silence for some time.

The point to be considered here is that, so long as order of priorities is not real to oneself, how can anyone ‘realise’ the Truth despite ‘knowing’ it!  Value of finding place at the feet of Living guru is realised only by a few, the ones whose priorities are clear to them. That’s why realised beings are only few these days.  And when there are many it is satyug (age of Truth). So who is blocking satyug? Aren’t we, ourselves not among them who are not facilitating it?

Every seeker knows that, ‘that’ is first, despite knowing this we do not value ‘this’ as ‘that’. What would you call it, ignorance, negligence, foolishness or ingratitude? Contemplate and decide yourself. Except few, many keep living in the mode of indecision despite having knowledge available in ‘this’ form of ‘that’ to us. Living in indecision is akin to being willingly in coma.
If one realises that, then ‘this’ disappears in one’s realisation and, ‘that’ alone appears to such ones in every form as enlightened formlessness. Presence of living master presents before seekers the real possibility of their transforming from ‘this’ into ‘that’.


This article is based on one of the weekly discourse of Guruji Nandkishore Tiwari who is the founder of Darpan Ashram and Propounder of Sahaj Smriti Yog system of self-realisation.


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