Recognizing Sameness: The Foundation of Human Dignity

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Recognizing Sameness: The Foundation of Human Dignity - Blog Author: Guruji

In real spirit we can value others only when, we have discovered something pure and pious inside ourselves that dazzles us and fills us with wonder and astonishment. We may have valued others, before coming to aforesaid stage also, but that happened to be for the sake of social conformation. Real meekness in our character takes birth only after we discover/ know/realize our self-sufficiency as an individual person.

It is this realization that makes us value others as a potential treasure house of peace, happiness, purity and wonderment, as we ourselves are.

Moreover, norms, mores, values etc. that are imposed on you from outside, those may expose you any moment; if you fail to conform to them. But the values that sprout from inside, you yourselves become those values, so if manifestation of these values remains limited to your smaller circle then feeling of affection is strengthened in that circle and, spreading or exposure further strengthens your character. Source of all such values is your own heart. Meditation helps connecting you to that source firmly.

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