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All scriptures are revealed through some or the other devotee, that is why none of those are meant for preaching to others and any or all of them are open to be realised by self-testing each and every thing revealed in them with the help of living gurus who relativise the texts in accordance with the standards of normal human behaviour of every contemporary or present times. Sometimes I say living guru and at other times living gurus (ie in plural) And it is deliberate too. See, where is the possibility of problems to emerge! Problems comes in a preaching atmosphere of any or every religion and, nowhere else.

So, what is the solution! Preach, teach, live only human values that is the only commonality across all so called religions apart from spark of divinity or reflection of divinity ( rajat seep mahu bhaas rat jathaa bhaanu kar baari jadapi mrishaa tihun kaal mahu bhram na sakai kou taari) in all of them or none of them or One of them, as only One is all, and to realize that one all need to become one in your individual spiritual heart, at least till you realize the reality of spiritual heart being only one. Therefore all depends on living human values in your life and hence revelation of divine characteristics of human character keep revealing in you, only and only if you are firm (dradh, not adamant) in donning those in your every moment interactive behaviour. Instead if we begin to preach religions then there is a possibility of life style clashes across human habitats which are spread across surface of earth. No one life style should be thrust upon all by flooding their lives with same or similar consumer goods, let them live in unison coexisting in the spirit of cooperation instead of competition with their natural habitat. Competition is not good even in sports leave the talk of it ushering in socio economic life of humanity. Only space that should be given to ‘competition’ is in scene not in seer not in seeing! That is its rightful place, so that excellence and perfection and beauty remain ‘real’ eternal ideals in Nature.

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