Spiritual Attainment: Embracing the Divine

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If we or you or I or anyone is spiritually attained then, such a one’s identity evidently would be divine/real/eternal. And such a one’s commitment would also be for the same. It is simplest way to understand human life and its goal. If one is ‘on the way’ i.e. disciple, then such a one would keep one’s priority (instead of priorities!) clear and at right place, then only “following” becomes possible. If one is seeker then one’s identity keeps undergoing change. First kind is at soul, second is at self and third kinds are at mind level. But all would use everything they are (or have) for the sake of first priority. It is reality! Whether we/you/I know it or not. That is why maximum care must be /should be /needs to be taken while we/you/I assume an identity.

One example may be given from current under currents that are flowing like current in Indian intelligentsia Namely conflict between national and religious identities of individuals living in this country. That is why one raised this issue that why should we not abrogate constitutional provisions that give authenticity to religious identities to its constituents! Only national identity should suffice till nation states stay on the world map or do not attain minimum threshold of awakening at the heart of maximum number of earth’s inhabitants. Once people are awake enough that even nation states are no more needed then constitutions may also go. Only one constitution only divine identity, that is what would be left for human beings to carry on their eternal journey into enlightenment into reality into eternity.

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