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Trusting in Humanity for a Fulfilling Life - Blog Author: Guruji

‘Paramparaa’ does not advise to believe in god. It instead advises to believe in humanity and trust human values because practicing these values alone opens human heart for the possibility of divine revelation in it. When one says ‘have faith’ or ‘vishwas karo’, one happen to indicate only about believing in an unknown entity watching over us. While the reality is that we(soul) keep shaping up in faith and become one with that which we essentially are. So those who do not believe in god should assume god-ness as, choosing goodness over ‘uncertainties of their not so good choice’ is being human and ruling out chances of vices to overpower our mind or behaviour

Generally children don’t believe in god because they are like god excepting having imprints in their ‘selves’ of impressions from their previous (birth’s)journeys like in the present journey. That is where all do need guru and cleaning and meditation and etiquette!! Albeit in accordance with their evolution.

“Sampati sab raghupati kai aahee “

Bharat in this specific context is very clearly referring to material and social possession instead of spiritual ones! Idea of trusteeship emanates from here.

Pool/(heap /accumulation/lok sangrah/family wealth) of material(financial) and mind(social) possessions should belong to all those who live by divine principles.

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