Pure Food For Self

Transforming from self to Self

Taste and choice are two things that are decided by one’s individual interest. Knowledge of real-self (Self) alone transforms individual interest and, individuals get empowered to exercise correct choices and refine their taste leading to real transformation from self to Self.

Darpan facilitates this transformation at various age groups. Our modules such as Vidya Darpan caters to children, Kaushal Darpan caters to youth and Jeevan Darpan caters to the vanaprasthis (people free from other regular responsibilities).

Vidya Darpan: Gurukul

Isn’t it surprising how academic infrastructure and progress are at an all time high today, but environmental, global and economic problems are worsening like never before?

It has been emphasised by several world icons and leaders who conclude that education cannot be restricted to six hours and four walls and that we must strive to create systems and institutions that facilitate complete growth of every child and nurtures their potential.

How can we expect education to impart values when it is sold? How can it be equitable when only the highest bidders can be the recipients of it?

The tradition of valuing education survived in India because of the purity of the Guru and Disciple relationship. Gurukuls are our hope to re-establish such a system that brings back the glory of education lost upon humanity.

Vidya Darpan is an endeavour, an attempt to ensure, that children learn to earn while living in tune with nature.

Gurus imparted education to students on the principle that they be willing to learn what is taught with the right attitude and not by demanding a hefty fee from their parents.

Darpan Gurukul is devised to bring back this balance in tradition.

Kaushal Darpan: Skilling to Evolve


“If your village learns to live better, then your compulsion of leaving for cities to earn a livelihood will leave your village”

Isn’t it ironic that cities literally live off what villagers produce yet we see that village people have to leave for cities to seek livelihood. Few of them succeed in becoming citizens but most end up either in slums or they become nowhere-men.

Mass media keep mirroring this spectre of migration in myriad ways and through so many accoladed stories. Art offers catharsis. Voluminous profits earned by regional language films speaks volumes about the pain that this uprooting creates.

Darpan Ashram facilitates skilling people in such innovative ways that inspire individuals to become part of creating such sustainable ecosystems of entrepreneurial activities which on the one hand make their skills individually remunerative while on the other hand ashram’s all such endeavours and initiatives end up as good examples to further similar trends for surroundings and communities.

Jeevan Darpan: Home for Hermits

All of us strive to fulfill the needs of our family and create a balance between work and family, however not all of us are able to sustain this balance all through the span of life. They must get an opportunity to reclaim it.

Home for hermits presents an opportunity for such ones who after having played their role as a Gruhasthas reach to that stage of spiritual maturity when they choose to live in ashram to serve albeit at their own pace.

They may do it by offering their professional expertise as volunteers or contributors. Remembrance gets firmly established in serving, which in turn facilitates one’s spiritual journey.